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30th June

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26th June

Introducing a spectacular gallery Notturno Wanderlust, Experiments with luminosity.

29th April

Introducing the Clapham Road Series Gallery to the site, during three years of studies, these etchings were created from Lorraine's rented attic above an old removal firm in Clapham Road.

4th April

Five more pictures finalised for reproduction from the outback series, (Bobbin Head Marina, Flight over Desert, Forest Mists, Ghost of the Kangaroo at Dawn and Pelican) taking the total to 33 (of 38)

7th March

Five more pictures finalised for reproduction from the Outback Series, (Curved Strata, Desert Journy, Devils Marbles, Salt Pan Australia and Uluru Dreaming).

21st February

Six more pictures released on gallery for sale from the outback series, taking the total to ten now available.

7th February

Three more pictures finalised for reproduction from the outback series, (Dales Rainforest, Rainforest Symphony and Wallaby People One)

11th January

Five more pictures added to the outback series, (Dusk Tranquility, Impending, The Aura of Rainbow Valley, The House of May and Whimsical Dance) taking the total to 20 (of 38)

24th December

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

19th December

The very first series with facsimiles available to purchase is launched (will contian 38 images on completion), this superb set of images are re-created with stunning accuracy and certainly have the 'wow' factor they deserve... view them here!

An invitation! Rather than place a boring 'under construction' or similar message, Lorraine invites you to join her on the evolution of this unique gallery, by making frequent visits you can share the birth, the growing up and the maturing of this. New facsimiles will be released on a regular basis so keep on checking and be the first to own, before the editions run out!

"Look around your room, find the brightest thing... This has nothing on any of these, they brighten up each and every day! See one and you'll buy it, then you will want them all."
R. A. Morris, International IT Manager.

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