Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Clapham Road Series


An artist is accustomed to standing in front of an unclothed model.

The skill of rendering shapes; forms; light and shades; features; and proportions are infinitely interesting and difficult to convey in an accurate manner. We had the remarkable Quentin Crisp pose for us; he knew how to pose and created an art-form in itself of body movements to interest us. This image takes the view of artist and model as object; the vulnerability of the poser naked under the scrutiny of analysis.

Years later, moving into a rather suburban area and searching for a model I tried the local health club and asked someone to pose. I was later required by the manager to explain my 'strange behaviour'!!!!

Prints are available and have the option to be hand signed by Lorraine, they have a limited print run of 250 and are individually numbered.

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