Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Clapham Road Series

Ferris Wheel

Opposite my old studio on Clapham Rd was an array of tower blocks - council houses.

Sometimes a fire would break-out on a fourth floor where some poor person had; had enough, I would visit the launderette situated underneath one of the blocks and hear of the frustrations; violence; scams; and interrelationships of people jammed together where few trees grew.

My symbol of life, Battersea Park, offered me the image of the Ferris wheel as a comment on this situation, whereas words failed.

Once again people confined; little umbrellas as protection from life on a relentless circle; sometimes up; sometimes down.

Prints are available and have the option to be hand signed by Lorraine, they have a limited print run of 250 and are individually numbered.

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