Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Clapham Road Series

Clapham Road Studio

My studio was an old building; 1930ís It was situated on 'murder mile' Clapham Rd itself; Van Gogh had lived for a short while on the street behind. Downstairs was 'Weeks Removals' a group of Cockneys who ran a removal firm.

In the beginning, I rented the attic up a small flight of stairs for 30 shillings a week.

It was bleak and empty at first and this etching shows a naked light bulb a chair and a strange stand rescued from somewhere - the shadows cast by the banister; the high contrasts show an atmosphere of ghostliness - that is how it was.

Prints are available and have the option to be hand signed by Lorraine, they have a limited print run of 250 and are individually numbered.

Dimensions without borders (approx)

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