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White Donkeys at Areonea

It was during my trip between 1979 and 1982 around Alice that I was given the privilege of staying on different Aboriginal communities and one of those communities was quite a way out and it was called Areonga and it was blazing hot and we were quite close to cliff faces and huge avalanches where boulders had fallen down and the heat was cauldren- like; one of the hottest areas that I had experienced out there and I was in a small hut with my friends who had taken me up there and there was this galloping that was suddenly coming through the one central little dusty street and it was a white donkey that was sort of heehawing running past the window and then followed on by other donkeys these white donkeys that suddenly appeared from nowhere which was quite bazaar and so in patches around there; there are trees that are quite heavily massed in very lime greens and dark greens and are followed up the pattern of the running donkeys into some of the foliage of the trees and at the top horizontal line is just a line of red orange which indicates the heat of the day and then the desert orange itself where the donkeys are running through and then a hot dusky pink at the bottom to give it foreground but I must say it was quite a thing of surprise to be sitting in small Areonga , to have a small stream of donkeys galloping by the window.
White Donkeys at Areonea

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