Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series

Whimsical Dance

Having trained in my younger years as a Flamenco dancer, I am very well aware of the coalition between the infinite varieties of contrasts in sound and in colours.

In the Outback it was vivid to me: how the visual, contrasted patterns with each other in the desert created songs and dances that were very powerful in their musical evocations.

In Whimsical Dance, the spinifex grass creates the shadows that contrasted with other shapes. The contrast of the shadows of the spinifex are spiky compared to the other fluent motions of the beings on their ropes of white, and the bounding of the wallabies and the running of the dingo's.

The painting includes the movements of the Dingo Dogs leaving their markings across the earth, plus the bounding of the wallabies and the colours of the blue oranges and reds and the interconnecting patterns that appeared to be similar nature between the earth and the sky, giving the feeling that everything was not only in harmony but creating its own choreography.

I have also added two little spirit beings riding on colours of light and white between the sky and the earth to give an air of fantasy and whimsy to this particular landscape.

Whimsical Dance

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