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Wallaby People One

I made numerous trips to Katatchuta.

Each of those trips was infinitely varied, simply because of the way the weather changed or because I was in a different part of the valley amongst the mountainous stones. I could have done an entire series of watercolours based just on Katatchuta itself, in the same way that CÚzanne found Mt St Victoire infinitely interesting and which he painted so many times.

This particular watercolour depicts just a few of the head formations, with their tiny little doorways that give a pattern to each of the stones, and a few of the wallabies jumping about to give a sign of life. I have incorporated a reflection of the city in the sky as an after-thought or a memory of a place; the curvature of the earth reflects the rounds of the domes.

A shooting star reflects a pathway which the wallabies use into and out of their city. Another spiral cloud formation in the sky and the meandering of the serpent are the notations of memories.

Wallaby People One

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