Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series

Uluru Dreaming

At times while being in the company of Uluru for nearly three months, there would be moments of ecstatic happiness: if the weather was correct, and the spring was there, the playfulness of the environment could be tangible.

Therefore I have created Uluru with her stardust patterns from the sky to the earth.

The small pre-historic being which exists in the poles at the top when it rains, I have given its own little circle of power. Two beings communicate with each other, one on the left and one on the right.

I have also incorporated the rhythm of Emu tracks to go from the foreground, across Uluru, and up into the sky, On the left-hand side a crescent moon, appearing to have just one bite out of it - a playful gesture.

In the foreground an imaginative set of patterns based on the natural formations that exist in the Outback further add to the playful mood.

Uluru Dreaming

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