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Uluru Crying

When I worked in a chalet just alongside Uluru, I could see very very closely the moods and effects that the weather would have upon this great monolith.

When the rains were moving slowly in, Uluru would take on a very dark colour, almost like that of a whale. Depending on whatever streak of light that happened to move in with the clouds, Uluru would reflect that light. First it could be a dark grey, and then a warm pink.

The giant holes would be slowly filling up with the water from the rain and then, at a pre-given moment, all of them would seem to burst like giant waterfalls, over the sides of the great monolith, in this massive cascade of water, causing the entire scene to look even more surreal than it normally did.

The trees in front, especially at sunset, would take on an almost radioactive yellow, with dark indigo shadow reflections.

We had dingoes out there at the time, and they would run by the kitchen from which I would be seeing this massive event.

I have also added Uluru's beings up on the top left-hand corner in the dull of the grey, and on the right another being.

The spiral on the right-hand side of the painting reflects some of the markings that were inside some of the caves of Uluru herself.

I titled this Uluru Crying because she did indeed appear to possess all the moods that we project upon her.

Uluru Crying

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