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The Lady Fish Wears A Hat

I was having lunch with a very close friend called Tony Buzan who had come out to Sydney to lecture and we were sitting on the seafront on the balcony of a place called La Catalina ; we were having a lovely time just watching the boats and the yachts and the waves plus there were pelicans that would come to see us and stand nearby; hoping we would feed them; I stood up to look and over the wall when the hat I was wearing blew off .I was quite fond of the hat but it began to float and it was bobbing up and down in the waves underneath us when the hat caught the attention of one of the waiters, and the waiter ran around trying to gage the direction of the hat to the local wharf . He ran from the restaurant down to the wharf to see if he could pick up the hat when it reached there.

This in the meantime caused curiosity from local rowers who were rowing passed La Catalina in choppy waves and they decided to come to the rescue of the hat ;so there was the waiter standing on the end of the wharf waiting for the hat to arrive then we had the local rowing team making its way steadfastly towards the hat but just before the hat reached the wharf it sank. Now for some odd reason I became quite upset at the loss of my hat and then after Tony had left to go on his further travels I wondered down to the wharf and I thought I might see it underneath the water just in the hope that I could fish it out with a stick . I was quite obsessive about my hat when I asked the fisherman who was standing on the wharf fishing if he had seen a hat underneath and he said "no," he said "but I'll bet there's a lady fish down there wearing your hat now".

That to me was a lovely conclusion of the story of the hat, and this watercolour is based on the end of the wharf with me pointing in a general direction; the elusive hat floating by in the foreground; we have the little rowing club people in the mid distance who were going to make their way towards the hat; we have the pelican who was overseeing this entire saga then we have the boats in the harbour with their vertical masts looking like musical notations; and then on the left hand side we have a tree thatís very typical of Australia and Sydney with its massive roots that are high up off the ground and which looks very much like some sort of creature itself. In the foreground there are the piles of rocks in their reds and greens and overall I wished to make it quite a musical story of the lady fish who wears a hat.

The Lady Fish Wears A Hat

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