Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series

The Aura of Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley is a mystical place and in this colour I have combined two memories.

One is of rainbow valley formations itself in the centre of the picture, and behind it I have incorporated a mountain range which is similar to a scroll; an undulating range of dark blue which protects and curtains Rainbow Valley itself ; in the foreground the pattern of spinifex with their long shadows creates a freeze; along with the little white and red flowers that come up in spring there is a band of bright yellow which runs along the top of the mountain range that gives an aura of evening light in the background sunset.

We have a palm shape up in the sky with tiny little blue dots which once again reflect the patterns of the earth; on the left is a series of white dots reflecting star formations and then guarding and protecting the valley itself are the three spirit beings which are imbued within the atmosphere of the valley itself.

The Aura of Rainbow Valley

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