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Rose Bay Meditation

When I went back to Australia I rented a flat in a place called Rose Bay a suburb of Sydney and a very nice place it is too.

It is a bay and is on one of the many waterways that exists in Sydney harbour which I consider one of the most beautiful in the world; I had nearby a local library and the library itself was a Victorian building, and it was set in botanical gardens with trees, ferns and tropical flowers that we could only imagine about over here and the boats were gliding merrily on the water and just on the horizon I could see the outline of two tower blocks which was Sydney itself and it was a sunset evening and everything began to tinkle in the light in a type of musical notation and with the trees glistening and the little boats bobbing and the ferns with their spiky leaves everything became quite a dance with colour so it was a lovely moment and that's why I have called it Rose Bay Meditation.

Rose Bay Meditation

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