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Rainforest Symphony

I was out with my friend Steven Newland in Darwin, who took me to a local section of rainforest where there was also a lagoon. There was a thickness of fronds and overhanging vines and palms, and it wasn't until I looked up that I noticed what seemed to be great black handbags just hanging out of the leaves and palms that were surrounding the lagoon.

Nearing dusk, one of them detached itself from the local palm tree, and then glided overhead: it was a giant fruit-bat, quite common in that area. The scene was punctuated by red berries and orange fronds which in an odd way looked more like an Eastern tapestry than the middle of an Australian wilderness.

There is also the memory, coursing through this particular watercolour, of a river that was seen, up on my sister Dale's farm, meandering through her particular rainforest. I decided to combine the two images into the one watercolour, evoking the two natural forms.

Rainforest Symphony

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