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Outback Dream

In the Red Heart of Australia, the desert creates mirrored optical illusions; it also fires the imagination with mythical interpretations and dreams.

There is always a city beyond in the distance to aim for; the spinifex grass bristles with pain and beauty, and hurls itself into the air like a wedding bouquet on the high winds.

The colours seem radioactive with intensity.

On top of the curvature of the sand dune there is a burgundy city which has markings of silver, the dune and the city a metaphor of a dream to which we all aspire in view of our own particular deserts.

Painted 2003 (released 15th February 2007)
Outback Dream

Prints are available in several sizes and have the option to be hand signed by Lorraine, each size has a limited print run of 250 and are individually numbered.

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