Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series


Sometimes when you are driving through the wilderness and it can be very hot and very dry, the distances as such that you can see the impending rain clouds gathering the storms or indeed the rain itself beginning to fall from a great distance away; and its always quite a strange feeling when you are sitting in one part of the weather and another part of the weather is going on somewhere else and so the mountain range which divides the water colour is in pinks and violets; the top band is the gradual loosening from the clouds of the rain itself and then in the foreground I have placed a small touch of orange to give the effect of the foreground and the distance that is visible when you are out in those situations.

There is always quite a feeling of not tension but something that is going to happen of quite an extraordinary nature when these events begin to show themselves in the Australian sky. The technique I used for the rains beginning to come is to fill a very large brush full of water and colour and to run it across horizontally at the top of the page and then as the water builds up as it begins to run down to bring in another brush to create all of the water droplets that then run randomly down in a vertical way into the rest of the painting reflecting the natural processes of nature itself.


Prints are available in several sizes and have the option to be hand signed by Lorraine, each size has a limited print run of 250 and are individually numbered.

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