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Ghost of The Kangaroo at Dawn

It is a remarkable thing to leave at 4.am and travel into the unknown landscape of Australia.

It was in the fifties without the motoways and traffic of today. The southern cross constellation overhead; and it is possible to see the milky way; just the sound of the old engine of the car.

It was standard to travel for days ; just pitching an old tent; cooking potatoes in the ashes of the fire; the billy-can for a cup of tea; which tastes remarkably like a posh tea bought in posh stores today.

There was not air-conditioning then; that I knew of; so when the night came around again and the moon was large and icy white; we would snatch some sleep all piled together in the car on top of a windy hill.

The dawn brings that pale sliver on the horizon; and the grasses begin to make shadows; and water reflects the moon on its way out.

That is the time movement begins on the hills in that eerie light almost colourless and colourful.

The kangaroos ghostly and always alert.

Ghost of The Kangaroo at Dawn

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