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Forest Mists

On yet another escape from the bush; our father who once again had bundled us into yet again another old car; this time with a dinky seat at the back covering us with tarpauling against the early cold; we headed for the blue mountains; the range which runs parallel to the coast and not too far from the big smoke called sydney.

This time we headed upwards and upwards through forests when the roads were rough and tiny and from the dinky seat looking downwards at precipists the thrill and fear were indistinguishable.

We were flying under wings of an old tarpaulin through forests and ferns and the call of birds; when suddenly we would hit mist and fog. All would be quiet; and in clearings because we had slowed down suddenly there would be the presence of ancient trees and forests and light filtering through to touch what appeared to be ancient beings we had intruded upon and yet were passing by.

Forest Mists

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