Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series

Flight Over Desert

John and Janet Newland; who befriended and protected during a long stay in the desert had moved to Western Australia.

With time passing for all of us I determined to see them at their far away house in the middle of nearly nowhere.

The flight is long and somewhat monotonous - bush fires had raged where farmers didn't make it; cars consumed; a tornado of fire a law unto itself outwitted the most experienced and hardened of outback people.

It is still surprising to me how vast and terrible and beautiful Australia is; from the plane I could see the curve of the horizon and yet looking down so much was flat; salt-pans in the shape of great eyes curved away towards the distance dried up rivulets like veins in a gigantic brain pale blue waiting for the rains.

Just looking at it seemed to burn the eyes with the scalding oranges and pinks and white; only saved now and then by a patch of green or yellow where some brave sould had settled.

Flight Over Desert

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