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Devils Marbles

Not far out of Alice Springs is an area known as the Devils Marbles.

It is quite a natural phenomena because the erosion of the rocks has left some of the giant boulders sitting delicately poised on pedestals of rock and all of this is caused just by nature herself.

This watercolour is a reminder of the Devils Marbles as I saw it many years ago.

It was in fact; or the memory of these marbles I have tried to convey in almost a patchwork quilt pattern whereby all of the tones and colours that lay hidden in the rocks are revealed almost as though it is a jigsaw pattern of formations that gave rise to the outward appearance to the rocks themselves. I have also incorporated the local environment in a similar way so that the entire watercolour is a reminder of a tapestry so the tiny little animals and beings that are part of this quilt are conveyed in blue line with dots and meanderings and gold spots at the top right hand corner of the watercolour with the background of a yellow evening light just filtering through and reflecting throughout the pattern and jigsaw coloured quilt of images that give rise to notations of markings which convey formations of a very eerie nature isolated in the aridity of Australia.

Devils Marbles

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