Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series

Desert Journey

When I stayed in the Outback for 2½ years from 1979 to 1982, there were many journeys and experiences that were given to me, and one of those was living on a camel-farm.

On the camel farm, I lived in what they call a 'demountable': its more-or-less a tin shed that you can cart from one place to another; it did not have an air-conditioning unit, so it was pretty uncomfortable in the 40°C heat.

However, what made up for that was the view that I would sometimes have of the camels who used to meander by with their saddles on, going walkabout, plus, in the winds, the spinifex grass that would pick itself up and roll about like giant balls, creating fantastic three-dimensional geometric patterns.

As I looked out, the camels would often be wandering by with their lilting rhythms, and the spinifex grass would be bouncing around up and down with its geometric patterns; in-between them would be the sparse grasses.

In the background of the painting I have added a hint of the tiny little boundary fence, and in the foreground another boundary fence, and just the lilting of the camels as they wandered about, giving me an amazing, rhythmical, geometric, playful vista, in that rather harsh environment.

Desert Journey

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