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Dales Rainforest

This watercolour to me embodies the flight of the Imagination.

My sister Dale and her husband Les own a stud-farm just outside Tweed Heads, and part of that stud farm is a rainforest. They were kind enough to take me on drives to be able to see this magnificent landscape in which they lived. On one of the journeys we went up quite a tough road into the middle of the rainforest.

I remember looking through all of the seemingly chaotic fronds and palms and ancient prehistoric growths and the trees where it was almost too dark to see a few metres ahead of you, and at the berries which were part of the growth of the palms that overhung. The network of patterns on the stems of some of these palms were like lacework; they were just so powerfully built and strong, and it was a very delicate area of that part of the forest where the tracery was the most over-powering feature.

It was a delicate area of rainforest, and yet it also had the infrastructure of the powerful skeleton that held together all of the lace-work and tracery around it. It was similar to some of the filigrees that I have seen in jewellery exquisite; it was in lime-greens, dark greens, and a blue viridian green: a powerful symphony. The strength of the rainforest lies in its underlying structure of massive trees and palms that appear to come from the primeval age; some of these palms date back before the time that we can remember.

Amongst all of this richness there was the most delicate horizon-line of pink where the sun had been setting so palely, almost the colour of mother-of-pearl-shell, and through that light it caught upon the berries that were part of the fronds and then lit up just like iridescence in a watercolour I call Dale's Rainforest.

I decided to call this watercolour after my sister, who is as playful and whimsical and beautiful and strong as the rainforest is itself.

Dales Rainforest

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