Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Outback Series

Curved Strata

Sometimes in the outback the horizon can appear curved on the vast distance and depending on how high you are the edge of the planet can be quite delineated. In curved strata sometimes, when you look at the ranges there are different formations that define the different strata's of the earth itself ; there are in this particular water colour some trees that are evident which break up the curves and the kangaroos that are hopping through this mythical landscape and there are two white lines which connect the earth to the sky and one red circle which is the heat of the burning sun. There are also out in the desert in flowering season tiny little white flowers that look like just little spots that break up the landscape and give it quite a rhythmical feeling, also the small white flowers can appear to reflect the stars in the sky so you have once again the connection between the earth and the sky and the different formations of each.
Curved Strata

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