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Alice In Sydney Land

This is a watercolour inspired by childhood memories of going into Sydney.

I took a ferry-ride from Rose Bay across to Sydney Harbour to see an old friend of mine, Dr Faye Brauer. On my way back I looked at the opposite side of the bay to see Lunar Park, which was an old favourite of me and my family. We used to go there quite often.

I went underneath Sydney Harbour bridge, which was also an icon from my early years, and passed the Opera House. There were boats on the waters, and yachts, and also small seaplanes which were buzzing and gliding. The entire scene was unusually manic for a harbour.

It was as if Alice had been let loose in the harbour of Sydney, and everything was somehow going slightly berserk. In being given that fantasy memory, I added the head of the Cheshire Cat in the distance, plus the grinning, wide-open mouth of the lunar park face on the gates, and the crescent moon, and added the tiny little planes that were flying around, seeming to buzz everything in sight.

It was a jumping, bumping, busy, happy, and manic harbour.

Alice In Sydney Land

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