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Roads Go Nowhere

It is a very foolish person who disobeys the rule of the desert by not taking water or extra petrol on a long journey.

On one particular hot and sunny day I was such a person! I was on my way from Alice to an Aboriginal settlement when the relentless heat began to cause a shimmering confusion in the external landmarks, and an internal confusion in my overheated brain.

I became confused and lost, and in this state dangerously decided to keep on driving.

Fortunately, as I was driving into nothingness and oblivion, I saw some workers 'in the middle of nowhere' standing by a bore-hole. Making wry comments about my stupidity, they gave me petrol, water and directions; it was quite an anxious journey to the settlement.

As my car rolled down the final hill towards the settlement, it was evening. The moon, a surreal planet, looked as though it were balancing on the peak of the local mountain. The camp fires were a welcome sight, dotted among the roads that meandered snake-like around and into the settlement.

In the painting I have used these camp fires as beacon markings to give perspective and distance.

Roads Go Nowhere