Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Australian Series

Desert Dust Storm

I was living on a camel farm, quite a way out of Alice, in a tin shack in the heat with no air-conditioning.

One day the wind began to pick up and the dust very quickly rolled in from the distance, over the camel farm, creating a blanket of pink and orange colours.

The only things that seemed visible and that gave any sense of distance at all, were the spinifex that had been picked up and rolled through the dust, creating volumes that were coming towards me in that shack like strange spatial balloons.

I couldn't even see the camels! The background of the painting represents the pink and the orange dust of the earth's flat surface.

The volumes of spinifex are created by geometrical shapes that appear to be moving from the back area of the painting where they are smaller, to the foreground.

On the right side the volume is much larger. Various elements of colour create the quickness kinetically of the impressions that were within the dust storm on that day.

Desert Dust Storm