Lorraine Gill Galleries - Notturno Wanderlust

During experimentations with the luminosity of the watercolours of
the outback series in reverse, we were stunned to see the
spectacular results, which after further research; we found this to be
unique in comparison to the same process applied to works of other masters, we hope you find the same.

With Lorraines work we have been able to create a new concept and artistic product. This new series is in itself an original work. Individual limited edition prints numbered 1 to 250 are available on the same terms and conditions as "opposite twin": The Outback Series.


Rainforest Symphony N W Storm Brewing N W Dales Rainforest N W Ghosts at Yarloop Timber Mill N W Wetlands Over Oenpelli N W Flight Over Desert N W
Pelican Catalina N W Salt Pan N W Bobbin Head Marina N W Forest Mists N W Ghost of The Kangaroo at Dawn N W Uluru Crying N W
Outback Dream N W White Donkeys N W Devils Marbles N W The Aura of Rainbow Valley N W Outback Fantasy N W Australian Icons N W
Dusk at Cookernup N W Whimsical Dance N W Dawn N W Uluru Thinking N W Impending N W Swamp Gliders N W
Rose Bay Meditation N W Wallaby People One N W Dusk Tranquility N W Dawn Tranquility N W The Lady Fish Wears A Hat N W Desert Journy N W
Uluru Dreaming N W Pinnacles N W Emu Dreaming Jarrah Forest N W Alice In Sydney Land N W The House of May N W