Lorraine Gill - Australian Landscape Artist in UK

Lorraine is keen that her art is accessible to all.

The Hughenden Valley Series
The Hughenden Valley Series

Lorraine's stunning etchings.

Notturno Wanderlust
Notturno Wanderlust Gallery

Experiments with luminosity.

The Clapham Road Series
The Clapham Road Series Gallery

Gallery of Lorraine's stunning etchings.

The Outback Series
The Outback Series Gallery

Lorraine's superb 'Guash' pictures that really capture the fluorescing light of the Outback.

The Australian Series
The Australian Series Gallery

Chronicles Lorraine's walkabouts in the Australian Outback with the Aborigines.

The Kraken Series
The Kraken Series Gallery

An exploration of the subconscious through the metaphor of the Kraken (a legendary, gigantic sea monster).

Blue Black Series
The Blue Black Series Gallery

Explorations, based on natural and geometric forms, of the interrelationship between primal colours with black.