Lorraine Gill Galleries - The Clapham Road Series

During my three year studies at the then great City and Guilds Art School in Kennington.

I had rented an old attic on Clapham Rd not far from the school. The attic was above an old removal firm run by cockneys who befriended and protected me and my work; we were all workers together.

The school was run by the great woman Elizabeth Fitzgerald who placed integrity above all else. I now realise the privelage I was given during the late 60,s when ideas and skill were interlinked in that school and the superb people who passed thru my life.

We had Rodney Burn; Carol Weight; Roger de Grey; Eric Morby; Henry Wilkinson; people who questioned and taught with a passion. During that time - passing thru my door of that old attic was Tony Buzan; Kate Bush; John Bush; Dr Faye Brauer; B.F. Skinner; Margaret McCall the great producer; Frank Auerback; thru some of those people I met Francis Bacon; Peter de Francia; John Berger.

We were all afire with potential and some of that potential was placed into the skill of etching.

These etchings represent that time when skill and apprenticeship were admired and rewarded.


Kennington Park Leaf Footballers Battersea Games Hydrange Woman Formed Aura
Colour Captives Hampstead Street Clapham Road Studio Marabou Stork Battersea Funfair Two Instruments Kennington Park Screen Print
Linear White Oval Ferris Wheel Battersea Funfair Three Cleaver Square Deal Battersea Park Alice Springs Studio
Flower Battersea Funfair One Organic Tree Crucifixion One Battersea Funfair Four Nude Playing Games
Lorraine In Clapham Road Clock Parts