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Lorraine Gill was born at Yagoona, Australia outside Sydney, in 1941, and from the age of 15 was winning art scholarships and awards.

As Michael Goedhuis of Studio International observed, Lorraine Gill "embarked with Cartesian rigour on a painting career."

The artist has lived, studied and painted in Spain, England, France, Italy and Australia. Lorraine has also been the subject of chapters in two books devoted to exceptional women, has had a television documentary of her life and work produced by the BBC, and appeared with Henry Moore in a feature one-hour BBC television documentary on the work of Cezanne.

One of Gill's most significant accomplishments was being invited by the Australian Aboriginals to live with them on their settlements as an 'artist in residence'. They befriended and protected her, and knew her affectionately as "that women with them sticks" - her pencils and paint brushes.

For the last 23 years Lorraine has been working on three books and three series of large oil paintings. Two of these series were featured in a major exhibition at the Air Gallery in London 9-20 September 2002.

The first of these, the 'Australian Series', chronicled her journey and travels in the Australian Outback. The second, the 'Kraken Series', featured an exploration of the human subconscious through the metaphor of the Kraken.

Further exhibitions followed at Australia House, London in 2004, and the Henley Festival in 2004.

Following an extended return trip to Australia in 2005, Lorraine continues to work on a series of watercolours inspired by the Australian outback.

Lorraine Gill's work is owned by a growing list of influential international collectors and institutions:

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