Lorraine Gill - Australian Landscape Artist

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Royal Academy of Arts, UK, is holding an amazing exhibition celebrating AUSTRALIA.
Organised with the National Gallery of Australia

21 September - 8 December 2013

Main Galleries
Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House, Piccadilly
London W1J 0BD

"The story of Australia is inextricably linked to its landscape and for Australian artists, this deep connection has provided a rich seam of inspiration for centuries.

Marking the first major survey of Australian art in the UK for 50 years, this exhibition will span more than 200 years from 1800 to the present day and seeks to uncover the fascinating social and cultural evolution of a nation through its art. Two hundred works including painting, drawing, photography, watercolours and multimedia will shed light on a period of rapid and intense change; from the impact of colonisation on an indigenous people, to the pioneering nation building of the 19th century through to the enterprising urbanisation of the last 100 years." Source RoyalAcademy.org.uk

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A C A 2008 International Conference
Exhibition at American Creativity Association International Conference

Creativity Across Cultures - Lorraine's Exhibition, Singapore.

The Hughenden Valley Series
The Hughenden Valley Series

Gallery of Lorraine's stunning etchings.

Notturno Wanderlust
Notturno Wanderlust Gallery

Spectacular Gallery of Experiments with luminosity.

The Clapham Road Series
The Clapham Road Series Gallery

Gallery of Lorraine's stunning etchings.

The Outback Series
The Outback Series Gallery

Lorraine's superb 'Gouache' pictures that really capture the fluorescing light of the Outback.

The Australian Series
The Australian Series Gallery

Chronicles Lorraine's walkabouts in the Australian Outback with the Aborigines.

The Kraken Series
The Kraken Series Gallery

An exploration of the subconscious through the metaphor of the Kraken (a legendary, gigantic sea monster).

Blue Black Series
The Blue Black Series Gallery

Explorations, based on natural and geometric forms, of the interrelationship between primal colours with black.